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A Maryland Prenuptial Agreement can reduce stress and give peace of mind
Control Your Future
A Maryland Prenup can help avoid lifestyle differences
Lifestyle Arrangements
A Maryland Prenup Agreement is a wise choice for many
For Everyone

Without a Maryland Prenup, lawyers and judges are in charge of deciding who gets what if there’s a divorce or death. Entering a second or third marriage? One of you is substantially wealthier than the other? Rights to life insurance policies and retirement benefits? Concerns about a possible dispute with the heirs of your spouse if the marriage ends in death? Family heirlooms? Widowed or divorced and preserving assets for children of a prior marriage at death? A Maryland Prenup may avoid the legal and financial uncertainty and stress that a death or divorce may cause in the future. Explore the issues and advantages.Learn how a Maryland Prenup can help Control Your Future.

Who can use specific credit cards and bank accounts? "Lifestyle clauses" and other agreements regarding lifestyle choices that need to be in writing? Concerns with your spouse’s debts and creditors? Your lifestyles mesh but do your saving and spending styles? What alimony or spousal support will be provided upon divorce?  Is there a significant disparity between property or income? Are there images or sex tapes that could end up as revenge porn or "sextortion"? Concerns about placing future income, employment, career, business interests, personal image or reputation in jeopardy? A Maryland Prenup could reduce the likelihood and cost of litigation and conflict and help protect you in the event you and your spouse should divorce. Find out more about the issues and protection. Learn how a Maryland Prenup can help protect Lifestyle Arrangements.

Maryland Prenups are not just for celebrities or the super wealthy. Need protection of your separate property? Merged or "blended" family and want to protect assets for kids from a prior relationship or marriage? Own a home from a prior marriage? Have you received or expect to receive ownership of a family business or other inheritance? Own a business or in an established career? Assets from a prior relationship? One of you is putting the other through college or professional school? One or both of you are professionals or entrepreneurs interested in protecting your assets and investments? How to handle these issues and many others in the event of divorce can be addressed in a Maryland Prenuptial Agreement. Find out how a Maryland Prenup can help with these issues and more.

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