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During my 36 years of practice as a Maryland Attorney and Counselor at Law I have often encountered parties who have planned carefully, quite thoroughly, for most "surprises" that life may hand you, but have neglected one of the most important smart financial planning tools: a Prenuptial Agreement. 

The law generally allows couples to keep finances separate and protect each other from debts. A well drafted Prenuptial Agreement, prepared in a collaborative, counseling environment,  can go far to ensure this result.


With roughly half of all marriages ending in divorce, the odds are quite high that a Prenuptial Agreement will be a wise and necessary investment by many and a service with high value to my clients and their children from a prior marriage or relationship.

My service is Statewide.


I counsel and prepare Prenuptial Agreements for clients from every area of Maryland, though predominantly from the Baltimore-Washington area and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Our clients save time and money as most, if not all of our clients' needs are provided safely and efficiently through fax, telephone, email and other secure electronic means.

I offer my clients exceptional, hands-on premium service at a very affordable price. Often the deadlines are short and the stress level is high. We are used to both and work hard to exceed even the toughest client expectations.

We are not "robo-lawyers," or a national call center Web Site feeding you forms. "One of our specialists or agents" will not be "working with you." That's not us.

When you call or e-mail my office for an initial no obligation consultation or as a client, you will speak with me, an attorney, not a call center paralegal or assistant. We are local, Maryland based. I am a Maryland native, having practiced law here my entire career and I focus on helping folks like yourself by designing and drafting their Maryland Prenups.

No two Prenups are alike, and yours will be drafted to your individual requirements and circumstances.

We design Prenup solutions from the simple to the sophisticated. I work closely with each client to educate, counsel and guide them to insure that their Maryland Prenup asset protection objectives are achieved via a custom prepared Maryland Prenuptial Agreement matched to their individual needs and goals.


As a Maryland  attorney with over 3 decades of experience, I will be personally representing YOU every step of the way. My hands-on approach and attention to details  helps ensure that your Prenuptial Agreement is prepared right and in timely fashion.  

Every prospective client deserves the opportunity without obligation to explore whether a Maryland Prenup is right for them.


As has been my policy from the beginning, I offer a no cost no obligation initial consultation by telephone for you to explore whether a Prenup will serve your needs.


Contact me TODAY to get things started.

Joseph A. Warth
Maryland Attorney
Maryland Prenup Lawyer to custom prepare your Maryland Prenup Agreement
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