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Why you're more likely to have a prenup than your parents were

The Chicago Tribune had a good article recently on the subject of millennials and young business owners and entrepreneurs generally considering marriage who are viewing prenups as a way to "play things safe":

"Now, some couples are using prenups as a way for each person to protect any assets they accumulated - be it a modest condo or a promising start-up. The agreements can also help people protect future income at a time when it's not unheard of for a popular smartphone app to bring sudden wealth or for a successful side gig to turn into a full-blown business.

And in the era of rising student loan debt, prenups have emerged as a way for couples to say upfront how they would like to separate their debt loads in the event of a divorce.

"Kids today are saying, 'How do I protect my ideas?' " said John Voltaggio, a wealth manager at financial firm Northern Trust who has noticed an increase in the number of young couples interested in prenups. "They're not shy about talking to their fiances about it."

The full article can be viewed here.

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