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Veteran divorce lawyers share VERY candid relationship advice and reveal what it really takes to mak

The British publication Daily Mail had an interesting article recently where three family lawyers with combined experience of nearly 40 years shared their perspectives on how to stay married and handle a divorce if the time comes:

"Marriage is like a lottery, you’re probably not going to win. But if you win, what you win is so great that it’s worth trying; it’s worth buying the ticket and taking the ride,’ said James Sexton who has been practicing law for 17 years.

Sexton, who called marriage 'the most legally significant thing other than dying that you’ll ever do', stressed the importance of taking marriage seriously and understanding the legal aspects behind it.

The lawyer compared marriage to buying a house, pointing out that when you buy property, ‘they make you fill out 50 forms’ explaining all the details behind the commitment.

When you get married, however, you don't even get a 'pamphlet'.

'The fact that you’re entering into this significant legal contract, when most people have zero idea what’s actually involved in that contract and spend a lot more time figuring out what kind of cake they should have at the event is a really strange thing to me,’ he said."

The full article is here.

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