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Prenuptial agreements contain more bizarre ‘lifestyle’ clauses

MarketWatch had an interesting article on the subject of "lifestyle" clauses in Prenuptial Agreements, which are now routine in many "celebrity" Prenups and becoming more common in those of ordinary folks:

"Some lawyers reported an increase in these so-called lifestyle prenup stipulations in recent years, according to the American Bar Association Journal. Atlanta-based divorce lawyer Randall Kessler said he is familiar with provisions penalizing everything from cursing ($100 for each “f-bomb”) to weight gain (eliminating alimony for a woman if she gained 25 pounds from her wedding weight). “I seriously doubt either would be enforced, but I also seriously question why someone would marry someone who made such demands,” he said.

For most prenuptial agreements, however, “lifestyle clauses” would include less salacious demands, said New York City-based attorney Lois Liberman. They include requirements that children born from the marriage be raised in a certain country, or under a certain religion, even in case of divorce. “I do not like to legislate people’s lives during their marriage,” she said. “Prenups are contracts that are supposed to be utilized during death or divorce. There is no ‘schmuck police’ to come stop someone from being a bad partner."

The full article is here.

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