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The Craziest Prenuptial Agreements These Real Lawyers Have Ever Seen

Brides Magazine has an amusing article on some of the more unorthodox "lifestyle clauses" you might find in a celebrity prenup -

"What are the wackiest, weirdest, or straight-up wrongful prenup demands that real couples have come in with? Foley: It’s always the animals that are the nuttiest. The dogs. The cats. There was a bird. I tend to approach animals like property, but there's this new world in which we’re approaching like a custody.

There's what we used to call “flower child agreements,” where to supposedly keep the peace, it has things like, "You will be the house husband and take out the garbage, and I’ll do the laundry" or "I’ll make the food; you’ll buy the wine." Then you’ve got religious people who bring up stuff like, “If we have a child, we’ll bring up the child as a Roman Catholic and put him in Catholic school.” Finally, you have really personal, personal stuff. “We have agreed to have separate bedrooms and we will have sex two times a week—no more, no less." We’ve also had agreements with open marriages. “We can have additional private relationships.”

The full article is here.

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