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Marriage Advice From A Local Priest, Rabbi & Divorce Lawyer

Milwaukee Magazine had a good recent article on how to make a good marriage from the perspective of a Priest, Rabbi & Divorce Lawyer. The takeaway -

"Their three-way message, boiled down: Communicate, communicate, communicate.

“I see all the differing reasons that marriages end,” says Susan Hansen, a family law attorney in Milwaukee who’s been handling divorces for 36 years. “I would say that my main advice is to have open and deep communication about all aspects of your marriage before you get married.”

That’s especially true of financial affairs, she adds. She thinks a prenuptial agreement is a good idea – at least for couples who’ve been married before and have kids, or have already started their careers and may have separate savings. But the prenup should be based on that deep communication, she insists, and not be “the one you get the night before the wedding, saying, ‘Sign it or the wedding’s off.’”

And, prenup or no, the deep discussions are the point – and they should come months before the wedding, and include discussions of each person’s philosophy on such topics as travel and vacations, raising a family and even sexual relations.

“When I talk with people who are looking back,” Hansen says, “there is far greater harm in what was not said and what was not discussed, because it accumulates and then it comes out, often in very negative ways, and it’s been stored up so long for some couples, they can’t repair the damage.”

The full article is here.

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