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How To Bring Up A Prenup Without Sounding Like A Jerk

The Huffington Post had a good recent article on the subject of "diplomacy" when discussing a Prenuptial Agreement. From the article -

1. Have the conversation as early as possible.

This is a delicate, uncomfortable conversation, but if it’s something that genuinely matters to you, you owe it to your partner to bring it up as soon as possible, said Lisa Helfend Meyer, a family law attorney in Los Angeles.

2. Know that it’s going to be a weird, heavy conversation.

There’s no way around it: Broaching the subject is going to cause some tension in your relationship, said Atlanta-based divorce attorney Randall Kessler. In his 30 years in family law, he’s rarely heard of a prenup conversation that’s been hiccup-free.

3. Emphasize how much of a headache you’ll be saving yourselves later.

Ultimately, a prenup has the power to uncomplicate a messy, knotty personal situation, said Carla Schiff Donnelly, an attorney in Pittsburgh.

4. Remind your partner that all relationships end one way or another. You’re just trying to make the inevitable easier.

One way to introduce the idea of a prenup is to talk about how you’d each want to be treated at the end of your marriage, said Katherine Eisold Miller, a divorce attorney in New Rochelle, New York.

5. Point out that a good prenup benefits the lower-earning spouse, too.

If you’re worried about coming across as greedy or penny-pinching by bringing this up, remember that a carefully written, thoughtful prenup protects both parties, Kessler said.

6. Suggest that you co-create the agreement.

Don’t make this a weird power play: Both partners should be active participants in drafting the prenup to ensure that it’s equitable, said Dennis A. Cohen, a family law attorney and mediator in Marina del Rey, California.

The full article is here.

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