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Prenuptial Agreements: Beyond the Necessary Evil

Wealth Management had a good recent article on the subject of why it seems that just mentioning the word “prenup” can evoke a negative reaction. From the article -

"Why is it that just mentioning the word “prenup” can evoke a negative reaction? Does the insistence on a prenup by the partner with assets or by their family necessarily create a divide between the couple, just as they are about to make a public commitment to their relationship? Families with significant assets consider a prenup to be an important risk management measure for protecting their financial interests. But this position can send a message to a future in-law that they are considered a risk to be managed, rather than a new family member to be welcomed. How then can a couple work with appropriate counsel to create a prenup that provides the essential protection for stakeholders while also strengthening their relationship?"

The full article is here.

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