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4 Guidelines to Draft a Harmonious Prenuptial Agreement

NewsMax had a good recent article outlining some basic guidelines for what needs to be considered when entering into a Prenup:

"Full disclosure. Both partners need access to all relevant information when they are discussing the agreement’s terms. Failing to fully disclose everything could invalidate the contract if it’s later discovered that a spouse hid assets or debts during the negotiation.

Separate lawyers. Each fiancé needs legal advice from an experienced attorney who is loyal solely to that individual. If both partners use the same lawyer, a court might not enforce such an agreement--especially in favor of the party who paid the lawyer.

Keep it simple. Some people think a prenuptial agreement is the place to decide how many children they want to have, in what faith those children will be raised, how custody will be structured in case of divorce or separation, and even what sports or musical instruments their kids will or won’t play. Some people specify where they will live, how they will celebrate holidays, and so on.

Be fair. The goal is not to try to extract everything possible from your partner. The goal should be for the couple to enter into married life knowing that they expect everything to work out well, but that if it doesn’t, both parties will exit the marriage with their finances and self-esteem as intact as possible."

The full article is here.

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