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There are 2 types of contracts married couples can sign to protect their money

Business Insider had a good article comparing and contrasting Prenups vs. Postnups. This is on the minds of many with the Bezos breakup. From the article -

“At this point, it's unclear how he and MacKenzie Bezos, a novelist, will divide their assets upon their divorce. It's also unclear whether they ever signed a prenuptial agreement. It's also possible that they signed a postnuptial agreement after Amazon took off. So what's the difference between a prenuptial agreement, commonly known as a "prenup," and a postnuptial agreement, or "postnup"?

A postnup is similar to a prenup, but it takes place after a couple marries. Couples typically sign a postnup either when they didn't have time to sign a prenup before the wedding or when they are "aware of issues that threaten their relationship and want to gain clarity on areas of conflict."

The full article is here.

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