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Is a Prenuptial Agreement for You?

QNotes had a good recent article on the general topic of Prenups. From the article -

"You and your partner are getting married. Do you need a prenuptial agreement?

You might. For both LGBTQ and straight couples, getting married automatically creates certain legal rights and obligations between you and your spouse concerning “marital property.” That’s true whether the “marital property” is land and buildings or cars and jewelry.

The legal rights and obligations may be contrary to how you’d like your property to be distributed if you ever get divorced. That’s a reason to plan for the future if you want to retain control over your financial affairs should the worst happen.

A prenup, also called a premarital agreement, is a legally binding contract entered before marriage that gives you that control. Most commonly, premarital agreements resolve financial matters such as how property and spousal support will be handled should the marriage end in divorce. A prenup can waive any claims for alimony. Along with proper estate planning documents, a prenup can even outline what happens to financial interests, such as investments, when one spouse dies."

The full article is here.

Want to talk about a Maryland Prenuptial Agreement? Contact us today.

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