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Here’s why Suze Orman says you should always get a prenup

CNBC has a recent clip from Suze Orman on the topic of Prenupial Agreements and their benefits. From the article -

"In between sending out wedding invitations, finding the perfect venue and ordering the cake, financial expert Suze Orman says every couple needs to make time to draw up and sign a prenuptial agreement.

It might feel unromantic, but it’s an important step toward protecting yourself and your finances later on in life, Orman tells CNBC Make It. “I get too many emails from older women and men telling me that they’ve just lost everything because of a divorce,” says Orman, who recently released “The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+.”

The best way to prevent that: Get a prenup, Orman says. Contrary to popular belief, Orman says having these conversations won’t ruin your relationship — in fact, it could actually make it stronger. A side benefit to getting a prenup is that it forces couples to get into the nitty-gritty details of their finances and how they think about money.

“If you cannot talk money to the person that you are about to marry, you are doomed for failure because money is going to run through your relationship more than anything else,” Orman says."

The full article is here.

Want to talk about a Maryland Prenuptial Agreement? Contact us today.

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