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Valentine's Day: Nothing says I love you like a prenup

Philadelphia Business Journal had a recent article on Prenups worth visiting -

"With the ever-present knowledge of a high national divorce rate, more and more couples are opting to discuss, negotiate, and execute some form of a prenuptial agreement. Anyone who has chosen to follow the traditional marriage route and is honest about it knows that staying married and in a connected relationship with another person along with his or her extended family over a long period of time is no easy task. Nonetheless, the allure and romantic views of married life still prevail, supporting an ever-expanding $51 billion marriage industry. According to the National Vital Statistics System, approximately 2.1 million marriages occur each year. Of those couples, approximately 40-50 percent end up divorcing. The divorce rates for second and third marriages are even higher—a startling 60-67 percent and 70-73 percent respectively."

The full article is here.

Want to talk about a Maryland Prenuptial Agreement? Contact us today.

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