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Everything You Need to Know About Prenups and Co-Habitation Agreements

The Every Girl had a recent article on the subject of modern Prenups. From the article -

"Now, more than ever, young professionals are cohabitating in lieu of traditional marriage. Recent trends in relationships show that couples are getting married later, or not at all. In the U.S. alone, the rate of marriage has declined dramatically among young adults — down to just 20%, from 59% in 1960. For couples who do decide to marry, the median age of marriage has now increased by six years in the past 50 years.

Dating and relationships look very different in today’s world than ever before. From apps such as Bumble to the ever-expanding spectrum of sexuality, millennials have more freedom than ever before to stray from norms and create their own definitions of partnership. Millenials are far more likely to value career success, and higher education, but also are far likelier to incur increased debts leading to the generation feeling less financially secure."

The full article is here.

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