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The Importance Of Prenuptial Agreements For Children Of Wealth

Forbes had an interesting article recently focused on what can be one of the more delicate subjects when children wed -

"While the great majority of people go into marriage thinking, “This is it,” sometimes it turns out to be “it” and then it “isn’t.” When the children of wealth marry, most times they are reticent about raising the issue of prenuptial agreements (prenups) unless the concept was part of their financial upbringing. Instead, it is the affluent parents who tend to broach the subject. They may – successfully or unsuccessfully – try to force the issue.

In these situations the parents usually want to ensure that their family’s wealth stays within the biological family (including adopted children) and not disappear with an ex-spouse. It is often important to address this matter and mitigate animosities."

The full article is here.

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