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Simple strategies to boost your savings

The Week has an article discussing, among other strategies, Prenups, and the "love affair" that many Millennials are increasing having with them

"For generations, the agreements have been a sticking point for couples who deem them unromantic. But because millennials are getting married later in life than earlier generations, they are more likely to have their own careers, businesses, and property. "And that, financial advisers say, has made them more protective of what they have built." A 2016 survey of matrimonial lawyers found that 62 percent had seen an increase in the number of couples seeking prenups; 51 percent noticed more millennials requesting the agreements. And prenups aren't just about protecting assets. In an era of rising student loan debt, the agreements let young couples "say up front how they would like to separate their debt loads in the event of a divorce."

The full article is here.

Want to talk about a Maryland Prenuptial Agreement? Contact us today.

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