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A Prenup For The Rest Of Us: Rethinking The Premarital Agreement

Forbes had an excellent recent article on the subject of "prenup(s) for the rest of us." This article nails it. Prenups really are for everyone, not just the wealthy or celebrities. From the article -

"What do you think when you hear the word “prenup?” If you are like most people, when you hear prenup you might think rich or celebrity. And you’d be right. Prenups, or as they are called by family lawyers, premarital agreements, are often used by those with significant assets, actors, entertainers and others with much to lose in a divorce.

This is unfortunate, however. I think the use of a prenup should extend beyond the rich and famous. My goal is to make the case for a “prenup for the rest of us.” This prenup for the rest of us would be an affordable legal document completed before marriage that protects the interests of men and women of average wealth from the fighting and legal jockeying that often occurs during divorce. It is not uncommon for a divorce to cost more than the expense of a wedding and honeymoon. A clear and precise prenuptial agreement reduces attorney fees and accounting costs in the event of a divorce."

The full article is here.

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